Military department

Галерея кафедры
Самые яркие моменты из жизни
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Военно-учетные специальности

Since the days of creating more than 60 thousand reserve officers has been released of the military department.

Pursuant to the Rules of preparation of citizens for military service is approved by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan from August 11, 2016 № 384 at the military department are trained under the program, students reserve officers in six military - registration specialties on a free and paid basis:
Combat application of motorized rifle

Major divisions, units and formations on the BMP (VUS 021001);
The use of motor units, combined arms units and formations of destination (VUS 261 001);
Organization of food supply is - 250300;
Veterinary - sanitary examination VUS - 991700); specialty for girls:
Organization of veterinary software (VUS - 990100);
Bacteriology and Virology Veterinary total (VUS 991 100);

Адрес военной кафедры
г. Алматы, проспект Абая 28 №12 учебный корпус Казахский национальный аграрный университет