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The mission of the University

The mission of the University
The mission of the University
The University is 85 years old!
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University Mission is to create conditions for the forming a competitive specialist, demanded in the agro-industrial complex and world science education activities, as well as for the development of a social-oriented, highly cultured and tolerant person.
The Kazakh National Agrarian University is an elite university of innovation type, the leader of the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan and Central Asia:
  • carrying out the science education process at the international standards level in cooperation with the economy sector and ensuring the competitiveness of graduates in the world labor market;
  • ranked among the 300 universities of the world rating agency QS;
  • providing integration of education, science and production on the basis of innovations in the agro-industrial complex, mobility of students and teaching staff;
  • creating new knowledge in the agricultural science of Kazakhstan;
  • guaranteeing the creation of conditions for the capital development.