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Statement by the Rector of Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

Dear graduates, colleagues, friends!
In different years, you studied at one of the oldest agrarian universities of our country - Kazakh National Agrarian University, which in 2020 will celebrate its 90th anniversary.
The University was established in 1996 on the basis of two universities of the country - Almaty Zooveterinary and Kazakh Agricultural Institutes. In 2001, by the decree of the First President of the RK N.A.Nazarbayev, the University was granted a special status - a national university. From that moment, the university has begun transformation into a national research university.
Today the University is the leader of agrarian education and science; it trains practice-oriented, creative and thinking specialists who are able to implement innovative technologies in production.
For the qualitative training of specialists, the university has a developed scientific and educational infrastructure and a strong human resource potential. In 2015 the Agrotechnological Hub was opened, which is engaged in search and transfer of innovative technologies and new knowledge. It includes all innovation centers and laboratories of the University.
At present, the university is being transformed into a world-class university. For this purpose, the best practices of the world's leading universities are consolidated and implemented, based on the transfer of new knowledge and technologies.
The University is always proud of its graduates!
For you, it remains your home even many years after graduation. Every year, hundreds of graduates from all over Kazakhstan, from near and far abroad come to Alma Mater for the anniversary meetings of graduates. Classmates remember the happy years of study; they are interested in the fate of friends. After such meetings are often activated and business contacts of alumni. These meetings give a huge charge of joy, energy, youth, which is so lacking in people's everyday life!
For KazNARU, the fate of its graduates is not indifferent. KazNARU Alumni Association, established in 2009, assists in training specialists of the new formation and establishing mutually beneficial relations between the university and its graduates.
The Association's mission is to strengthen the corporate spirit of all generations, to unite and socially promote the graduates and their self-realization.
The main objectives of the Association:
- Image support, replenishment of the database with information on career growth of graduates;
- organizing patronage and support of socially vulnerable students;
- Development of new innovative educational programs and projects;
- involving alumni in conducting master classes, lectures, and exchanging experience with students and faculty;
- Organization of interaction with employers in the framework of employment of graduates, adaptation of the educational process to the requirements of the labor market.
Dear alumni!
To replenish the database, please respond by filling out the proposed questionnaire on our website www.kaznau.kz/page/tulekter/?lang=en  or on the form of the Association. For newcomers, please, write an application for membership in the Association and send it by e-mail: av90@kaznau.kz  or by e-mail: 050010, Almaty, Ave. 8, Abai Ave, 8, KazNARU Alumni Association, phone number +7 7272 62 03 32.
The executive director of the KazNARU Alumni Association is Professor Zhanashev Isabek Zhanashevich. His contact phone number is +7(701) 744 44 72.
In all regional centers of the republic, in the MSE RK, the largest scientific and industrial associations branches of the Association are being created, addresses of which will be placed on the website of the University.
The forthcoming anniversary of the University is a very important historical event. We want this anniversary to be a holiday for every graduate, wherever he or she is today. Therefore, we ask you to send us all your suggestions and wishes regarding the organization of jubilee events, as well as to tell us what assistance you could provide to the university in preparing and holding the jubilee.
We thank you in advance for your participation in the Association.

Chairman of the Board - Rector T. I. ESPOLOV
On July 9-10, 2016, the first long-awaited meeting of graduates was held 40 years after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanization of Agricultural Production of the then Kazakh Agricultural Institute. The official part of the meeting was held in the main building of the University. Since the beginning of the year, continuous work was carried out to prepare this meeting. Friends who had not seen each other for a long time hugged each other warmly, greeted each other and talked. Many came to the meeting with their wives and grandchildren. It should be noted that the most interesting moment of the meeting came when the friends who came to the long-awaited meeting received a book "Meeting 40 years later", specially prepared for this event, consisting of 413 pages. This book is based on the meeting of graduates 40 years later, whose age in these days exceeded 60 years, who studied in 1971-1976 at the Faculty of Agricultural Mechanization of the Kazakh Agricultural Institute. There is confidence that this work will provide worthy assistance to the education of the younger generation of our country.
In 1971, 225 applicants entered the mechanical faculty of Kazakh Agricultural Institute, of which 176 students in 1976 successfully graduated from this university, qualified as mechanical engineer, and each of them received a direction to work in different regions of Kazakhstan. Since then, 40 years have passed, if we consider that about 40% of this time (15 years) falls on the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the remaining 60% (25 years) on the establishment and strengthening of Independence of Kazakhstan - the country of the Great Steppe, it becomes clear how difficult it was for these professionals. There was a situation when the country's economic management has moved to a completely different formation, it could not but affect the social environment where they worked, and also affected the psychological climate of individuals. It is worth noting that thanks to the Almighty, I am your fellow student, the compiler of this book Ospanov Abdymanap, being aware of all the responsibility, with honest intentions began the preparation and publication of this work, setting a goal, reflecting the life and work paths of our graduates, analyze them as far as possible, and show their achievements as an example for the education of the younger generation of our country.
A few words about the structure of this book. First, it is necessary to notice that the majority of materials of the book are presented in two languages (Kazakh and Russian). The book consists of seven chapters. The first chapter presents a brief history of the Kazakh Agricultural Institute. The second chapter contains the history of the Faculty of Mechanization of Agricultural Production and its Department. In the third chapter - autobiographical information about our teachers, who left a good memory of themselves. Here are also warm memories of our curators. In the fourth chapter - information about prospects of the further development of the Kazakh National Agrarian University. The basic concept of transition of agrarian university to Research University is specified. The information is given about the newly formed Kazakh-Japanese Innovation Center and educational scientific and production center "Technology of processing industries". The fifth chapter is called "We are 40 years later". The life paths of our fellow students over the past 40 years are briefly described here. The sixth chapter describes the cases that happened to our graduates, which in our opinion will be interesting for future generations. The last seventh chapter contains memories of untimely-departed classmates. Here are also the addresses and phone numbers of our classmates. In conclusion, on behalf of our classmates I would like to express my endless gratitude to all members of the organizational group who spared no effort, energy or time to organize our long-awaited meeting, especially Mahan and Serik, as well as decorated this book with their poetic art Talgat and Alpysbay. Before the breakup, friends agreed that from now on they will meet more often.
Ospanov Abdymanap Abubakirovich,
Professor of the Department of Food Engineering,
Doctor of Technical sciences