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Admission to KazNAU

Проходные баллы - 2018-2019
Результаты конкурса грантов для поступления в КазНАУ в 2019 году доступны для просмотра
Rules for admission to study in KazNAU
For downloading the rules of admission to study in KazNAU

Bachelor's Master's PhD Benefits
  • Deadline UNT 1 on June 15;
  • Acceptance of documents for complex testing (CT) from June 20 to July 9;
  • The deadline for CT with 17 on 23 July;
  • To participate in the competition of core subjects should be recruited at least 7 points, for each of the other subjects at least 4 points.- According to the Decree of the Government dated 23 January 2008 No. 58 (as amended from 30.03.2012, No. 390) of section 5.5 to participate in the contest entering the national higher educational institution by results of testing you must score at least 70 points.
According to the Decree of Kazakhstan No. 110 dated February 11, 2013 on the group of specialties "Education" (5V012000), Agricultural Sciences (5B080100-5В081200) and "veterinary" (5V120100-5B120200) in KazNAU credited to paid education graduates of organizations of General secondary education of current year, the last UNT, participants of complex testing, with test results not less than 60 points.
To participate in the competition for government educational grants with 23 on July 31, is receiving the following documents:
  • application on a special form;
  • certificate or diploma with Appendix (original);
  • state certificate of UNT;
  • 6 photos 3x4;
  • a copy of the document proving the identity;
  • med. help form 086У with fluorography image data.
Admission committee address
Kazakhstan, 050010, Almaty, ul. Abay, 8 (Main building) Eternal days, without exit, from 9 00 to 18 00.