Honor Code of student
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование
Honor Code of student
Community of students of the Kazakh National Agrarian University

 - Mindfuling  its responsibility for implementing the mission and strategic plan of the university until 2020,
 - Regarding as a mandate the maintenance and development of corporate culture and image of KazNAU as a leading center for training professional personnel of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the leader of agricultural education,
 - Aspiring to form system of genuinely democratic relations between students, staff and university administration in KazNAU accepts this honor code of KazNAU student and undertakes to strictly follow it.
Section 1
KazNAU student is obliged to abide the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazNAU Charter, internal regulations, rules, dormitory and other normative-legal acts regulating the educational process.
Section 2
KazNAU student must know and honor the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan, national values ​​and culture, history of Kazakhstan statehood, cherish and increase the university tradition.
Section 3
KazNAU student demonstrates courtesy, accuracy and care in dealing with other students, faculty and staff, KazNAU administration.
Section 4
KazNAU student applies with respect to any person regardless of their origin or nationality, social status, religious or philosophical beliefs, promotes ideas and principles of Kazakhstan's model of interethnic tolerance and social harmony, and doesn’t accept  any form of religious alienation.
Section 5
KazNAU student in good faith applies to all forms of training and control of knowledge, does not allow ethical, academic and legal violations, including:
 - plagiarism;
 - forgery;
 - the use of cheat sheets, tips and cheating at all stages of the different forms of knowledge control;
- use of related or official relations for a higher score;
  - bribery;
 - cheating teacher and disrespect to him;
 - absenteeism and tardiness without a valid excuse.     
Section 6
KazNAU student promotes the idea of ​​producing high-quality and competitive education, a decent future economic, political and administrative elite of Kazakhstan.
Section 7
KazNAU student cares about the safety of property and repress manifestations of the offense on university territory.
Section 8
KazNAU student cares for the University Library and Information Resources, avoiding careless or malicious attitude towards them.
Section 9
KazNAU student looks neat, its appearance corresponds to the generally accepted ethical standards of secular society.
Section 10
KazNAU student leads a healthy lifestyle, is committed to improving their cultural, moral and physical level, taking an active part in the socio-cultural, scientific and sports life of the university.
Section 11
KazNAU student must prevent illegal actions, both at the university and beyond.
Section 12
KazNAU student must prevent the spread aimed at destabilizing order in the country information, and to participate in unsanctioned meetings, demonstrations, rallies, pickets, actions and demonstrations.
Section 13
Student KazNAU refrain from behavior that is contrary to the interests of the university, damaging the image and reputation KazNAU.
Section 14
KazNAU student creates a sense of corporate community, pride in belonging to the student community.
Section 15
KazNAU student, found a violation of the Code, is trying to prevent his house or notify the authorities in the student government and the university administration.