Specialty: Technological machines and equipment
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Technological machines and equipment

Technology and safety of food products
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Specialty "5В072400 - Technological machines and equipment"
The mission of OP 5В072400, 6М072400 - Technological machinery and equipment derives from the mission of KazNAU and includes the creation of conditions for the training of specialists of a new formation in the field of technological machines and equipment, competitive and in demand in the agro-industrial complex and the world scientific and educational space, which is based on years of experience in teaching, the established corporate culture of the university, on moral, aesthetic, professional and scientific values; ensuring a high level of training of specialists in the field of technological machines and equipment; formation of spiritual and moral education of the new generation; integration of education, science and production.

The objectives and plans for the development of the educational program are 5В072400 - Technological machines and equipment (by industry): meeting the needs of the agro-industrial complex in highly professional personnel to ensure the effective socio-economic development of the country, as well as improving the quality of training, strengthening its practical importance and focus on addressing specific production tasks.
The development plan for OP 5В072400 includes the acquisition, commissioning and launch of advanced educational and scientific equipment and the improvement of the existing instrument park; development and implementation of promising innovative educational programs, technologies and methods of teaching and controlling the educational process; material stimulation of educational, methodical, research and educational activities of students; improvement of living conditions and living conditions of students in dormitories, improving cultural leisure and providing opportunities for creative development of the individual.
Available resources of the university are quite adequate to the plan for the development of the OP 5В072400, 6M072400 - Technological machines and equipment: the library fund of books, computer classes for all students, the availability of wireless access to the Internet network, the gradualization of the PPP leading specialists at the required level, the material and technical base is represented by the Scientific- research laboratory of technology and quality of grain and its processing products, with a total area of ​​45 square meters, and the Research Laboratory of extrusion technology for food products, with a total area of ​​70 square meters, a laboratory of metalworking, a laboratory of turning, grinding, drilling machines, a laboratory of agricultural machinery and equipment, a laboratory of combine harvesters that are equipped with modern equipment. The developed curricula of the university meet the needs of potential consumers and is consistent with the mission of the university.
In the educational process of specialty 5B072400 - "Technological machines and equipment", such laboratories as:
1) Educational-scientific laboratory "Technology and quality of grain and grain products"
2) Educational-scientific laboratory "Technology of baking bread and bakery products"
3) Educational-scientific laboratory "Extrusion technology of food products"
4) Bench work
5) Lathe, grinding, drilling machines
6) Agricultural machinery and equipment
7) Combine harvesters