Specialty: Standardization and Certification
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование

Standardization and Certification

Technology and safety of food products
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Currently, Kazakhstan is recognized by the world community as a state with a market economy. During the short historical period of independence Kazakhstan made a breakthrough in the economy, integrating into the world civilization, using new advanced technologies of production, storage, transportation and processing of crop and livestock products in agriculture. In the context of the transition of the economy to market relations, the increasing role of the regions, the expansion of the independence of enterprises, the need for state legal regulation of relations between developers, manufacturers, consumers, public and regional authorities in ensuring the necessary range and quality of products, works and services and, above all, their safety for humans and the environment. In conditions of saturation of the consumer market with a variety of products, the demand for specialists in the field of standardization and certification increases. Prospects of social and economic development of the country are defined. In this context, the role and importance of the educational program specialty 5B073200 - "Standardization and certification (by industry)", 6M073200 - "Standardization and certification (by industry)" and 6D073200 - "Standardization and certification".
The sphere of professional activity of the bachelor is the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the norms, rules and requirements for products (services), process (work) and system aimed at high quality and safety of products and services, high economic efficiency for the manufacturer and consumer. The objects of professional activity of graduates are products (services), processes (works) and systems; equipment of enterprises and testing laboratories (centers); methods and means of measurement, testing and control; normative documentation of systems of standardization, certification, quality management, Metrology; metrological support of industrial, social and environmental activities. Subjects of professional activity of the bachelor are normative and normative-technical documentation; measuring, testing and control; metrological support.
The development of the food industry in Kazakhstan, the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, improving the quality of food products and, finally, the ability to manage a complex system of food production is impossible without the participation of the system of technical regulation, including standardization.
Educational program implemented by the Kazakh national agrarian University in the specialty 5B073200 – Standardization and certification (by industry), 6M073200 – Standardization and certification (by industry), 6D073200 – Standardization and certification is based on the analysis and study of the diversity of the needs of the regional labor market in the food, processing and agricultural sectors, the requirements Of the laws and regulations of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan representing a system of documents for the organization of the educational process of higher education.