Specialty: Forest Resources and Silviculture
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Forest Resources and Silviculture

Wood resources and hunting maintaining
About specialty Graduate model Graduates Employers External evaluation
Educational trajectory Training period Degree
1 «5В080700 –Forest resources and forestry»
№1 "Forest reproduction" №2 "Landscape design" 4 years Baccalaureate of agricultural sciences
 ««5В080700 –Forest resources and forestry»
2 «6М080700 –Forest resources and forestry»
№1  "Protective afforestation"
№2 «Management of forest resources»
2  years  Master of science and pedagogical direction
3 «6D080700 –Forest resources and forestry»
№1 «Reforestation and left-breeding»
№2 «Еconomics  and management of forest resources»
3 years  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), specialty  «6D080700 –Forest resources and forestry»