Specialty: Management
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование


Management and organization of agribusiness
About specialty Graduate model Graduates Employers External evaluation
Passport of the development plan of the educational program "Management"

for 2015 - 2019
1 The bases for development plan of the education program (EP)
-Strategy and topic of the development plan of EP in accordance with the educational policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
-Strategy development Kazakh National Agrarian University till 2020
- Strategic development plan of the Department
"Economics and Finance" 2020 
2 The main developers of the development plan of EP Head of Chair doctor of Economics, professor O. A. Abraliev and academic teaching staff (ATS) of the Department "Economics and Finance";
General Director, doctor of Economics, Professor, Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture Moldashev Altynbek Bakirovich.
Director of LLP "PCC KAPSTROYPROJECT" Utegenov Nurken Sadybekovich.
3 The timing of the implement-tation of the development plan of EP
2015 - 2019 years
4 The volume and sources of financing
State budget and contractual basis
5 Expected outcomes of imple-mentation of the development plan of EP The training of qualified specialists in the field of state and local government in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards. 

Information about the educational program
The contents of the educational program established by the following documents:
- License to conduct educational specialty KZ42LAA00006720, term of license - unlimited, issue date March 25, 2016. The order of the Chairman of the Committee for control in education and science Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 25, 2016, #269;
- State compulsory standards of higher and postgraduate education (Approved by decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 23, 2012, #1080);
- Educational programs are implemented through the curriculum (standard, individual and work plans), and program (typical and working).
The bachelor provides 2 educational programs: #1 "Agrarian Management" - 17 modules and #2 "Innovation Management"– 17 modules;
In master study (scientific and pedagogical direction) 2 educational programs: #1 "Agrarian Management" – 8 modules and #2 "Innovative Management" – 8 modules.
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