Specialty: Automation and control
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование

Automation and control

IT technologies and automation
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General characteristics of the specialty
5В070200  Automation and control

High-quality automated control systems are designed to improve the efficiency of the enterprise through the provision of reliable and comprehensive information on the manufacturing processes at the right time in the right place and in the required form, as well as providing the ability to transfer and timely implementation of the control actions.

The sphere of professional activity of graduates are prepared to work in the field of automation, computerization and management of technical systems involving the use of tools and methods of information processing for management in all areas of production.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are the automated process control system for a variety of industries, automated information management systems for various applications, automated systems for receiving, processing and transmission of data for various purposes, automated systems, system design, object, device, automated system of technological preparation of production of various industries, automated system integrated testing of parts, components, assemblies, devices in various industries.

The subject of professional activity is design, development and maintenance of automated production systems; methods of analysis, prediction and control of technological processes, technical systems and research facilities of high technology.

Professional activities:

  • Service-operation activities;
  • Industrial and technological activities;
  • Organizational and management activities;
  • Design activity;
  • Experimental research activities;
A function of professional activity consists in the organization and implementation of modern methods and tools to create a variety of automated control systems.

Typical tasks of professional activity
  • obtain complete and quality of vocational education, professional competence in the field of automation, computer science and management;
  • mastery of humanitarian culture, ethical and legal standards governing the relationship of man to man, society, environment, culture and thinking skills on a scientific basis to organize their labor, to acquire new knowledge;
  • Students select the individual program of education;
  • continue their education at a later stage of higher education.

Areas of professional activity
Engineering and scientific activities in the field of technical systems and automation and control of technological processes, as well as in the field of applied sciences and high-tech industry.