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Student Creativity Department
By order № 631 of November 01, 2018 the Center for Student Creativity was renamed to Student Creativity Department.
The Student Creativity Department is one of the structural divisions of the University.
The main task of the Department is to stimulate the creative activity of students, identify and support talented young people, create conditions for the implementation of creative initiatives of students, promote the development of youth creative associations and circles of amateur art of the University, the formation of skills and abilities of KazNAU students in the field of creativity, familiarizing students with the traditions and spiritual values of the University, improving the competitiveness of university graduates in the modern labor market.
The main direction of the Department is to organize cultural events for students, where they can demonstrate their talents and abilities.
The Department of Student Creativity holds the following general university events, where our students take an active part - "Day of Knowledge", "Dedication of freshmen to students", "Independence Day", "Nauryz", "Day of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan", "Victory Day", "Day of the elderly", etc.
Student years are not only lectures and exams, seminars, credits, but also the time of formation of personality, time of creativity, time of discovery of new talents and new opportunities.
It is in the Student Creativity Department of KazNARU created all conditions for disclosure and development of creative abilities of each student.
There are 10 amateur art clubs of the University:
  • "Traditional song"
  • Altyn dan vocal-instrumental ensemble
  • A. Zhubanov orchestra of folk instruments
  • "Performing Songs on Guitar."
  • Dance group "Gul-Banu"
  • Vocal
  • Pop Song
  • Academic singing
  • Student theater "Jas Talant"
  • Recording Studio

Head of the Student Creativity Department Omirzakova Sholpan Medetbekovna Cultural worker of the RK.
Contact phone: 8 (727) 264-25-14

Our address:
Казахстан, 050010 г. Алматы, ул. Абая, 8 (Международный отдел) ПН-ПТ с 9 00 до 18 00.