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educational programs to improve the professional level of the Institute of professional development KazNAU
Name of program

1. Agronomy
1.1 Agrochemistry
1.2 Plant Protection and Quarantine (state and prospects of development in the Republic of Kazakhstan)
1.3 Agro biological and reclamation basis for improving the productivity of arable land and the ways of its rational use
1.4 Modern express methods for assessing soil nutrient availability and plant products quality control
1.5 Current state and prospects of development of the seed and grain inspections in the Republic of Kazakhstan
1.6 The technology of cultivation of vegetable crops in open field and greenhouse

2. Veterinary and Livestock Technology
2.1 Modern research methods of veterinary-sanitary examination
2.2 Laboratory diagnosis of infectious animal diseases
2.3 Modern problems of selection and the role of breeding work to improve farm animals
2.4 Selection and breeding and technology of production of livestock products
2.5 Laboratory studies in obstetrics, gynecology and andralogii
2.6 veterinary surgery
2.7 Parasitological and parasitic diseases
2.8 Technology of food products
2.9 Organization of training for veterinary specialists to conduct activities aimed at combating brucellosis infection in accordance with the Office International des Epizooties (OIE)
2.10 Technology of production of veterinary drugs
2.11 Bacteriological diagnostics of infectious diseases of animals
2.12 Modern laboratory methods for studying the quality of the wool uniform
2.13 Fish industry
2.14 Modern technology of production and processing of milk and milk products
2.15 Modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gynecological and surgical diseases of animals
Information systems, mechanization, repair of machines and electricity
3.1 Decision-making in agribusiness with Microsoft Excel
3.2 Computer processing and analysis of economic information
3.3 Innovative electron microscopy technology
3.4 Maintenance and Diagnostics of agricultural machinery with innovative technologies
3.5 The State supervisory control over the technology.
3.6 Modern technologies of technical service and repair of cars using multimedia tutorials (EMOP)
3.7 Energy-saving technologies in agriculture
3.8 Virtual laboratory work, as a means of intensification of educational process (for teachers of engineering disciplines)

4. Economics, Management and Marketing, Law
4.1 Accounting using the 1C: Enterprise 7.7 and 8.1. (Course)
4.2 State Regulation of Economy
4.3 Legal regulation of electronic public procurement
4.4 Current state and prospects of development of small and medium business in the Republic of Kazakhstan
4.5 Fundamentals of state financial control
4.6 Current state analysis of the information on costs to support management decisions and monitor the activities of the enterprise
4.7 Management: from theory to practice (for akimat workers, the Agricultural and territorial inspections
4.8 Business plan for rural entrepreneurs
4.9 Legal regulation of local self-government bodies in the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan's economy

5. The forest, land and water resources
5.1 Preservation of biodiversity, its reproduction and rational use (forestry and hunting)
5.2 Planning the use and protection of water resources of transboundary river basins.
5.3 Integrated water resources management and improve productivity of irrigated agriculture
5.4 The use of modern technology in the state land cadastre and land monitoring. Implementation of control for precise state land cadastre and land monitoring.

6. Innovative technologies in teaching
6.1 Innovative technologies in teaching the basics of pedagogy and psychology

7. Teaching and methodical seminars
7.1 Nature and improvement of credit technology of training
7.2 The content and the formation and EMCD UMKS
7.3  Formation of educational programs and the catalog of elective disciplines

   8. Advanced training of technical and professional organizations  education
8.1 Modern educational technology in the teaching of special disciplines of agricultural profile
8.2. Innovative methods in teacher's work in the organizations of technical and vocational education
8.3 Practical application of credit technology in organizations of technical and vocational education
8.4 Modern educational technology in organizations of technical and vocational education
8.5 Improving the professional competence of teachers of special subjects and masters of industrial training agricultural profile
8.6 Professional pedagogy and methods of teaching of special disciplines
8.7 Method of the use of new technical means of education in the learning process in organizations of technical and vocational education
8.8 Improving the professional competence of teachers of special subjects

9. For agricultural producers, entrepreneurs and civil servants Ministry of Agriculture
9.1 Entrepreneurship in veterinary medicine
9.2 Business plan for rural entrepreneurs
9.3 State-legal regulation of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan
9.4 Management: From Theory to Practice
All the questions that you may have in the study of our proposals will be answered by phone 8 (727) 67-12-32 2 or E-mail: zabysova.53@mail.ru
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