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Zoo psychology in practice

The training of highly qualified specialists in the field of veterinary medicine requires comprehensive knowledge not only about the subject of professional activity, but also the peculiarities of interaction with animals.

To obtain the information, the teacher of Department "Obstetrics, surgery and biotechnology of reproduction," NAO "KazNAU" Khasanova G.A., together with an invited expert of the dog’s psychology and a professional trainer Chumina Birute Mikhailovna have organized and conducted a lecture and practical classes at a sports event on dog training and obedience for second-year students of 211th group, specializing in “Veterinary medicine”

The lecture was attended by a theoretical course in dog’s psychology, then the students were visually presented with a general obedience course (GOC), designed for puppies and young individuals, which are taught to react correctly on irritants. Were also demonstrated methods of behavior correction, getting rid of unnecessary habits, which facilitates everyday care, their content and further training.
In addition, the students were asked to independently conduct an observation during the demonstration session and give an opinion on the following work:
1. Determination of the temperament of the animal.
2. Assess the possible strengths and weaknesses of the animal.
3. The formulation of the concept of "the hierarchy of relations and the establishment of contact" between the owner and his pupil (the main - the owner)
4. Analysis of training on the training of the animal not to be distracted by external stimuli.
This lesson made a great impression on the students, because the dog obedience lesson was very interesting, diverse, and most importantly, productive!
The acquired practical experience will allow students to learn theoretical knowledge, to prepare high-quality coursework, research and theses in their specialty and in the future to become successful specialists in their field.

Khasanova G.A., Assistant of the Department “Obstetrics of Surgery and Biotechnology Reproduction”