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Youth is the future of Kazakhstan

Truly great is the land of Kazakhstan. Here, in peace and harmony, a whole century of more than 120 nationalities has been living. But how many disasters and sufferings happened to experience the people! In the depths of the centuries, the roots of the struggle for independence - the dream of the great Steppe, remembering the stellar hours of nomadic civilization, and the fundamental breaking of the foundations of life in the twentieth century - have nevertheless gone, but, finally, they have chosen their own path of development.
The chronicle of modern Kazakhstan begins on December 16, 1991. On this day Kazakhstan declared itself an Independent sovereign state. 26 years ago, having gained its independence, Kazakhstan opened a new milestone in its history: it has grown stronger, achieved great results in its development. Kazakhstan, embarking on a new path of development, embodied the age-old dreams of the people about freedom. The people for the first time again acquired the opportunity to develop their culture, language, faith, religion and traditions. Today every citizen of the republic is proud of his independence.

Over the long years of independence in the Republic of Kazakhstan there have been significant changes - economic and social revival, the rise of the national economy, the growth of people's well-being and the strengthening of Kazakhstan's statehood.
We must know the history of our state, honor the laws of our people, preserve for our descendants the traditional wisdom that has been handed down to us in traditions. And only then you will live life in vain, only then, your heart will not wither, the soul will not harden, for it will be rewarded to it from the generosity of the earth, from its beauty, from its abundance. You are leaders! You are the future of Kazakhstan! The future of Kazakhstan is in your hands!
Organized and conducted this event in the home of students №10 "Aқ қayıң" dean of the faculty Abaeva K., Shabalina M., Shynybekov M., student dean of the faculty Makhashov Aydinbek, chairman of the student council Zhumasilova Azhar, adviser-curator of the department "Forest Resources and Hunting" Kerimbaev S.