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Work with youth today with prospect on the future

01.02.2019 within the actions for career guidance pupils of gymnasium № 22 of Almaty, together with representatives of "Technology and Safety of Food products" department, visited the largest factory in Kazakhstan - Coca-Cola. Questions of career guidance of school students are relevant for today. The child since the childhood is exasperated with the question "whom do you want to be?". Some children something surely answer in reply, others shrug shoulders, but in practice only small part of them understands what it wants.

The secret of successful labor dynasties is in what the child since the childhood sees, than his parents in what production they participate are busy or constantly hears about it, begins to like. Much, and not only to children, it is necessary to touch, see to want to choose this or that profession. They at times also do not suspect what in them talents are hidden, will not begin yet that to do.
Professional orientation excursions for school students play very important role for formation of understanding at children in what profession in the future they can present themselves that it is interesting to them. To plunge into production, to see "as everything occurs" and excursions to production for school students will help to learn a lot of new. Our sponsored on September 29, 2018 visited the Agrotechnological HUB at KAZNAU, then they learned studied production technologies of bakery, sausage, dairy products.

During the excursion pupils spent several hours, watching production, learned historic facts, gained new practical knowledge, attended a master class. Got acquainted with production shops and their most modern equipment. Children saw how water as drink is purified spreads on bottles which are formed in blocks and are packed, having inhaled unique aroma of Coca-Cola. At the end of an excursion all with pleasure tasted favourite carbonated drinks. The majority, but several people, perhaps just interestingly spent time, will choose the future profession.

Performers: teaching staff of the department
«Technology and safety of food products»