Winner of the republican project «The Best Student of 2018» - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Winner of the republican project «The Best Student of 2018»

       The national movement "Bobek" with assistance of the Congress of youth of Kazakhstan organized the republican project "The Best Student of 2018". Within this project order taking for the publication in the second number of the student's book collection "Zhas Kyran" was open. Applications were accepted from successful students in the directions: science, art, sport and also from chairmen and activists of the student's organizations.
The student of a third year of specialty 5B072800 – "Technology of processing industries" of the Kazakh national agrarian university of Sagynova Araylym took part in this project in the science direction. Scientific activity of the beginning by Araylym being a schoolgirl of the ninth class of high comprehensive school No. 10 of Atyrau. During study at school it was a repeated prize-winner of scientific and practical conferences and profile Olympic Games of city, regional, republican and international levels.
From the first course at the university in Araylym participated in student's scientific conferences.
In 2018 under the leadership of professor of "Technology and Safety of Foodstuff" department, the Dr.Sci.Tech. of Ospanov Abdymanap participated in the XXII student's scientific conference "Contribution of Students to Development of Agrarian Science-2018" and gained the diploma of the I degree for the best report in section.
Same year she participated in Republican competition Research Work of students by results of which it was awarded with the diploma of the III degree of MAUN RK for the best research work of students among higher education institutions of RK.
Now Sagynova Araylym together with the student of specialty 5B072700 – "Technology of food products" of Maminova Akmaral participates in the Competition start-up of projects of the studying students, undergraduates and doctoral candidates with start-up the project on the subject "Functional Bread" (the research supervisor – the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Ospanov A.). The competition is carried out in three steps. At present they passed the I stage under the name "Competition of the Innovative Ideas".
The contest committee of faculty of technology and bioresources recommended this project as one of the best innovative ideas for passing for the following II stage under the name "Competition Start-up of Projects".
Thanks to confirmation of scientific achievements for the last five years by Arayly became the winner of The Best Student of 2018 project and entered the second number of a student's book collection of the book "Zhas Kyran". A main objective of this book collection is identification and encouragement of students among all higher education institutions of the country which are most actively proved in research work, creativity, student government, sport, development of the movement of student's groups and other spheres out of educational activity.

In general 5306 applications for participation from students from all regions of our Republic from which 180 best students for inclusion in the book were selected were submitted for a competition.
The book included owners "The gold sign"; winners of the international, national and regional Olympic Games; participants of conferences, projects and performances; leaders and activists of social youth movements; members of the national team of Kazakhstan; winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, international and sports competitions.
From 180 students were only 50 which also ours was among Araylym selected to a rewarding ceremony. The awards ceremony was held on December 14, 2018 in Astana.
Participants of the project were handed the book "Zhas Kyran", the special breastplate ""The Best Student of 2018" and the certificate on merits.
We congratulate the student Sagynova Araylym and its research supervisor – the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Ospanov Abdymanap with a victory in the project and we wish further creative achievements!
Professor of "Technology and Safety of Foodstuff" department
Timurbekova Aigul