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About a trip to Turkey

From December 1 to December 8, 2019, the International Symposium in the field of agriculture and food industry was held in Izmir in Turkey. Students are activists of the University and the faculties “Water, Land and Forest Resources”, Kabiev Abulkhairkhan, Shumeiko Vadim, Konyrbaev Kudaibergen, faculty of “Agrobiology” Charipova Gulnaz, Temirgalieva Ayaru, faculty “Technology and Bioresources” Sardarova Aigerim took part in the symposium.
Also, all faculties were shown to our students, an excursion was held on the campuses of the EGE University, they introduced the students to student life, the living conditions in student homes, and their leisure time. An excursion was organized to the sights of Izmir. And our students presented information about KazNAU, faculties, a presentation of our university was shown.
On behalf of the students participating in the symposium in Izmir, we express our deep gratitude to the rector of the Kazakh National University, Espolov Tlektes Isabaevich, for the opportunity to travel to Turkey.

Faculties “Water, Land and Forest Resources”