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Ruhani zhangyru (Spiritual revival): the transition to the Latin graphics

On May 13, 2019, a scientific - methodological on the transition to the Latin script in the Kazakh language seminar was held at the faculty of Trilingual education. Professor M.I. Uyukbaeyva was responsible and made a report: "Features of the transition to the Latin alphabet in the Kazakh language".  In this report, it was noted that the Kazakh spelling on the basis of the Latin script consists of 3 sections: the spelling of vowels and consonants, the spelling of the root words and their affixes, the separate spelling of words, the spelling of words through a hyphen, capital letters, letter abbreviations, the spelling of foreign words and transfer rules.

The report also noted such a feature of the Kazakh language as the use of phonemic and partly phonetic principles. The speaker also noted that in order to test a new Kazakh letter on the basis of the Latin script, frontal dictations for students and teachers were carried out. As a result, controversial issues were identified that were submitted to the consideration of opponents, linguistic philologists and specialists of the Kazakh language. Comments on the set of rules or the spelling of some words were made for consideration by the spelling commission. In developing the spelling rules, both linguistic factors and extra linguistic factors were taken into account.
The PhD A.T. Tebegenova and senior lecturer Zh.A. Aldibekova also spoke on current problems of the transition of Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet, making emphasis on the historical and semantic aspects of this issue.
M. Uyukbayeva