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Introduction to the science of the younger generation through educational clubs

The law  “about education” of the Republic of Kazakhstan States:" educational programs of additional education include the development of self-government, creativity of students, their abilities, adaptation to society, formation of civic consciousness, General culture, healthy lifestyle, creation of conditions for content management".  Additional education of students is a process of training and education carried out in order to fully meet the educational needs of students, an integral part of the system of continuing education. The system of additional education for the young generation is aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle, self-development of personality, creativity, familiarization with science and scientific research, support and development of abilities. A special place in the organization of the educational process is occupied by educational  club  work.

At the Department "Technology and food safety" of the faculty "Technology and bioresources" in order to educate and develop students 'interest in science, the organization of effective use of free time of students working club "Zhas Galym" under the leadership of associate Professor of the Department, Ph. D. Sakieva Zaure Zhandarbekovna. In the circle, students and undergraduates carry out theoretical and practical knowledge about the definition of food safety. The peculiarity of the circle is the cohesion and cooperation of students and young professionals on the basis of common interests. Participants of the circle "Zhas Galym" learn not only about food safety, but also about the latest methods and technologies, study new technologies of food products that affect the human body positively. Young researchers participants and winners of prizes Start up project.

We are happy to stimulate to new research the fact that the learning process in Kazakh National Agrarian University in order to improve creative activity of youth and young professionals, develop their abilities implemented such additional methods and teaching techniques, as well as all conditions for groups. In this regard, we believe that it is important to keep in touch with students and organize the work of  educational club.

Senior lecturer of the Department
"Technology and food " R. N. Zholmirzaeva
Assistants: G. S. Zetbek, Zh.A Abish