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Meeting with a priest

Within the framework of the state program on combating religious extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2022, advisors-curators of the 1st year of the faculty "Technologies and bioresources" Ainur Orakbayeva and Zhansaya Abish  held a meeting with representatives of religion.
The topic of religious extremism is currently very active. Therefore, religion is one of the active efforts that affect today's youth. The people of Kazakhstan, especially young people, should be well acquainted with the reverse side of religious trends. In this regard, the chief Imam of the mosque "Rahat" in the Alatau district of Almaty Kalenov Kenzhebek Orazbekyly told the students about the main values of the traditional religion of Islam. Due to the fact that the Hanafi mazhab of Islam is widespread in Kazakhstan, he noted the importance of moving in this direction for the prosperity of the country, spiritual tranquility.

The purpose of this event is to give students a correct idea of religious trends, explaining the ways of cruel treatment of extremism-terrorism.
"Unfortunately, nowadays there are many people who have been deceived and deceived by alien tendencies because they are doing well," said the Imam. "The youths who are still unable to distinguish themselves from the sect are flooded. The reason for this is that first of all, it should be sought from outside sects and religious organizations that they are actively engaged in working with younger generations. Secondly, it is much easier for sects to jump out of schoolchildren, college students, and young professionals who have just graduated from school. Because our young generation has the power, consciousness, the ability to respond quickly and quickly to any information. Thirdly, those young people have little experience of life. " He asked students questions and received answers to them.
In conclusion, all students have given a religious insight into Islam, and explained that there is no concept of Islam and that there are no concepts of terrorism and extremism in the religion, and that they avoid those who pursue a negative religious background. The purpose of the event was to educate young people from various negative trends, to promote patriotism,morality,culture,patriotism, and propagation of genuine spiritual value of Islam. 
Curators-advisors of 1st year students
of the Department " Technology and food safety»
Ainur Orakbayeva, Zhansaya Abish