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Academic mobility at the department «Technology of production of livestock products»

Academic mobility - one of the priorities of the international activities of the KazNAU.
Academic mobility provides an opportunity for students, undergraduates and young scientists to continue their education or acquire scientific experience abroad by participating in short-term educational or research programs.
From 15 February to July 5, 2018, according to the academic mobility program for study, the University New Garden (Serbia) was sent 3 students and 2 courses specialty 5В080200 - "Technology of production of livestock products" KazNAU.
The opportunity to study abroad for one semester was granted to them by their native university, thanks to the academic mobility program being implemented in the country. Pre-students underwent a competitive selection.
When choosing the most important condition was the knowledge of the English language, good academic performance and active participation in public life of the faculty and university, in general. We selected the guys for these criteria, and the most worthy ones were sent for training, - explains the adviser-curator of the group Baimazhi Erlik Baimazhiuly.

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Taking advantage of academic mobility, students get excellent opportunities to gain experience in studying at a foreign university, improve their knowledge of foreign languages, get acquainted with foreign students, and learn more about the education system of other countries. Participation in academic mobility programs is a good source of knowledge for a diploma of higher education and certainly will increase our competitiveness in the labor market.
I would like to express my great gratitude to the Rector of our university, Espolov Tilektsu Isabaevichu for providing students with opportunities.
Associate Professor
Department of «Technology production of
livestock products »
Baimazhi Y.