Visit of KazNAU delegation to USA - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Visit of KazNAU delegation to USA

Delegation of Kazakh National Agrarian University, headed by the rector T.I. Yespolov visited Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (USA) 17th January 2018.
The Center is located in Beltsville, Maryland. The Head of the Centre is Howard Zhang.
The Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (B.A.R.C.) is a facility of the Department of Agriculture. It stretches from College Park to Bowie and from Greenbelt to Laurel. Primarily farmland, it is the largest patch of open space close-in to Washington, D.C. and makes-up part of the green-space surrounding Greenbelt.  Since it is a place of business, not a park, much of the B.A.R.C. facility is off-limits to the public.  The open parts provide a pleasant place to work out for runners, cyclists, and in-line skaters.
The main subjects of Investigation are Poultry Disease; Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs; Soybean Genetics; Dairy Cattle Health.

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center includes 17 laboratories. They are following: Hydrology and Remote Sensing; Animal Parasitic Diseases; Adaptive Cropping Systems; Environmental Microbial and Food Safety; Animal Genomics and Improvement; Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology; Bee Research; Invasive Insect Biocontrol and Behavior; Genetic Improvement for Fruits and Vegetables; Molecular Plant Pathology; Soybean Genomics and Improvement; Systematic Entomology; Sustainable Perennial Crops; Sustainable Agricultural Systems; Food Quality; Mycology and Nematology Genetic Diversity and Biology. National Germplasm Resources Laboratory also is a part of the B.A.R.C.
During the meeting, the Agreement on cooperation was reached in the field of conducting scientific research, transferring new knowledge and technologies.