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"KazNAU - Graduate - Employer"

02/18/2020 KazNAU, faculty of "Agrobiology" organized a meeting with employers from various institutions as scientific centers and production in the agricultural sector. The leadership, department head and faculty of the university and the employers held an extensive discussion. They discussed the educational program of the specialty "Agronomy" and the quality of graduates of the "Agronomist". Workers from the Research Institute of Agriculture and Plant Production A. Khidirov, NIIKormoproizvodstva Masanichich-Shatunova RL and N. Kolesnikova and from our university the head of the educational-methodical department, the dean of the Agrobiological faculty, the head and professors of the department spoke.
Responsible for the employment of graduates of the department
"Agronomy" Ph.D., senior lecturer
Esenbaeva Zh. M.