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Lessons of humanity

On 6th  February , 2020, within the framework of the International Youth Forum «Парасаттылық – ізгіліктің белгісі», representatives of the IMEI South Korea's International Mental Education Center, headed by Professor Cho Gyu Yuen, held a seminar  training that explained to students the basics of volunteering and the importance of humanism in society and human principles.

During the seminar, Dr. Cho Gyu Yuen shared his experience of volunteering. Mr. Cho Gyu Yuen is a well-known scientist in the field of intelligence development research, has extensive experience in conducting high-level trainings. His innovative training programs for local government officials are very successful.

After the seminar, foreign colleagues met with the rector of KazNAU  Tlektes Yespolov.  In the meeting were also attended representatives of the IMEI International Mental Education Center in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Almaty, teaching staff  of the university.

Kazakh National Agrarian University is closely linked with universities, scientific and creative centers of South Korea. At present time, KazNAU has a Kazakh-Korean innovation center. Every year, our university visit leading academic experts, teachers and students from South Korea.

KazNAU together with the universities of Seoul, Konkuk, Kengbuk, Chonbuk, other universities of Wonkwang, Kengkhi carries out joint research, educational and volunteer programs. Much attention to pay innovative knowledge, science, technology development, intercultural exchange and art.

At a meeting, between Kazakh National Agrarian University and the IMEI Center was signed the memorandum.

The rector on behalf of the teaching staff and students of KazNAU expressed gratitude and hope for further fruitful cooperation with the International Mental Education Center. 

At the end of the meeting, according to the decision of the Academic Council, to the head of the IMEI International Mental Education Center, Professor Cho Gyu Yuen, was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of KazNAU for his contribution to the development of cooperation between KazNAU and South Korean universities in the field of education and science.

Press Service of KazNAU,
Mamyrzhan Botabekov