Implementation of the GIZ program in KazNAU - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Implementation of the GIZ program in KazNAU

In Almaty, within the framework of the GIZ program «Professional Education in Central Asia», an international seminar on the introduction of educational programs in food technology is being held.
The seminar will be held from 16 to 18 January 2019. The second day of the seminar is held based on the Kazakh National Agrarian University.
The seminar, covering the development of regional dialogue, higher education in the field of food technology and vocational education, training of teachers of vocational education and cooperation with the private sector, is attended not only by Kazakhstani scientists and specialists, but also by leading scientists and food manufacturers from far abroad, in particular German experts and GWT team members.
Foreign guests were received by the rector of KazNAU, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan Tlektes Espolov. The rector provided them with information on the university’s innovation infrastructure, spoke in detail about the areas of integration of education and science with industry, and discussed with the guests the priorities of the GIZ program.

The seminar was opened at the Kazakh National Agrarian University, First Vice-Rector of KazNAU, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan Kanat Tireuov, giving a detailed account of the progress of innovative projects at the university.
Participants of the event shared their suggestions on all issues on the agenda and exchanged experiences. Martina Pletch Betancourt - Foreign expert, scientific director of the GWT TUD program, after reading her report, acquainted her colleagues with the 2030 development program - the relevance of food technology.
German scientist, professor at the Leibniz Institute, Thomas White, shared his colleagues' experience in a systemic solution for sustainable production in cultural landscapes. Also, Gerhard Gleichner, the specialist of the German Max Planck Institute - shared his observations on stable isotopes in climatology, crop production and the science of nutrition. Among the foreign guests were also professors of the Dresden Technical University - Thomas Köhler, Stefan Kersten - the scientific director of the GWT program, Michael Tsebish - GIZ consultant, doctor of technical sciences, and others.
In the second part of the seminar from the university, the Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Serikbayeva Asiya, presented the report “Experience in the implementation and conduct of research work of undergraduates and doctoral students of KazNAU” and the report “Participation of doctoral students in the implementation of start-up projects” was made by Ph.D. Shoman Aruzhan.
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) program supports selected universities by providing a wide range of training in developing competencies, resources and training. The main priority topics of this program cover four fields of activity: regional dialogue, higher education in the field of food technologies and vocational education, teacher training and cooperation with the private sector.

Expected results of the seminar: exchange of information regarding the status quo for the implementation of educational programs (as well as feedback) "Food Technologies" and "Master of Education" and training ”, an in-depth understanding of recently addressed issues regarding“ Sustainability ”and“ Climate Change ”, enhanced collaboration between partners - strengthening team spirit .
Note that since 2013, the university has been closely cooperating with the German Society (GIZ) under the program “Professional Education in Central Asia”. The faculty of the department "Technology and food safety" take an active part in this program. During the cooperation with GIZ, the following events were held:
- equipment has been purchased for the additional equipment of the laboratory "Physico-chemical methods of food analysis";
- a laboratory “Food Microbiology” was created;
- a laboratory “Sensory Analysis of Food Products” was created;
- gel dryers were purchased and installed.
On the basis of the created laboratories, training seminars were held with the participation of representatives from the near abroad: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Thanks to this program, university staff members underwent various advanced training courses, students participated in academic mobility, and a model educational program “Technology of food products” was developed for the magistracy in the specialized direction. This educational program has passed the international accreditation of ACQUIN.
After the seminar, the guests familiarized themselves with the educational and scientific infrastructure of the university, visited the innovation centers and research laboratories of the Agrotechnological Hub, such as Kazakhstan-Japan, Kazakhstan-Belarus Agroengineering, Water, Kazakhstan-Korean, Sustainable Agriculture, Situational Center.

Zhulduz Suleimenova
Head of Innovative Scientific-Educational Center for Technology and Food Quality of KazNAU
Photos M. Botabekov