The pride of our faculty «Miss Almaty -2018» - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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The pride of our faculty «Miss Almaty -2018»

       For almost three months, the most beautiful and talented girls of Almaty fought for the title “Miss Almaty-2018. There have been numerous selections and competitions. Of the 300 participants, 25 people were selected first, reaching the pre-final 20. After a serious casting exam, the girls had already taken part in a football and volleyball match, had a wonderful photo session on the beach of Issyk-Kul, marking the beginning of a new project of the regional festival of beauty and creativity Altyn kol ”. At the same time they were tempered, they strenuously maintained their physical form. And we became participants in a unique project of teaching children the rules of the road. The culmination of the talent competition was the announcement of 15 finalists, among whom September 8 - to the final - and chose Miss Almaty-2018.
She will represent the city not only in the finals of the Miss Kazakhstan contest, but also the whole country at the Miss Universe international contest. A student of our faculty Agrobiology, specialty 5В080800 - Soil Science and Agrochemistry - Indira Makhanova passed to the main final of the competition.
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She became the winner of the nomination "Miss model" and the winner of the grand final "Miss Almaty - 2018".
ndira is the elder of the PA-406P group and is actively involved in the social life of the faculty and the university. She is a member of the KVN team “Hanshaym” repeatedly participated in the competition “Zhastar Kubogy” in the city of Astana, “Akim's Cup” in the city of Shymkent.
She studies English in the courses “Study yes”, participates in the cross-section “Kazakhstan Media Academy” and “Arlan black Wolves”. She took part as a model during the Kazakhstan Fashion Week.

At this time, is a model of the modeling agency "Kamila Bakh". December 1, 2018 will take part as a model to present the products of domestic designers in the “Choice of the Year” music award competition as part of the Star Fashion Show dedicated to the Day of the First President.