FRIENDSHIP EVENING - Kazakh National Agrarian University
Новость #1351 Статистика


It became clear to the participants of the International Winter School-2019 how important it is now to be together, communicate and make friends, write joint projects. In order to achieve success and create the future, they must work in a team of different, but people striving for the same goal, and the International Winter School-2019 is probably the best example of the uniting nations.

 February 19, 2019 in the house of students No. 10 “Ak kain”, the acquaintance with educational institutions with national traditions, both guests of the participants of the International Winter School-2019 and the hosts of the evening, was held. There was interest in the national cuisine of students from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

 The concert program was also bright, colorful and international. The participants showed their vocal and dance, musical abilities. The guests of the International Winter School-2019 educational programs did not stand aside: “Management of natural resources”, “Veterinary medicine” and “Genetics and biotechnology of farm animals” Professor Alberto Minelli (Italy), Professor Blas Mola-Yuedego (Finland), Professor Ahmet Kursat Azkur (Turkey) and Professor Opalinsky Sebastian Lucasz (Poland), who also had fun, sang and danced with students.

The evening passed in the same breath merrily, meaningfully and it really was the Friendship of Nations Evening.
Organizers and participants: Dean Abaeva KT, Vice-Deans Shabalina M., Omarova Sh.., Head of Departments: Mambetov B.T., Khidirov K.R., teachers Borissova Yu.S., Mursalimova E., Advisors-curators Zhubanyshova A.T., Oraikhanova A., Dautova Z.A. , Kaumenova N.A., Omarbekova A., Active of the faculty, head of the student creativity department Sh.Omirzakova.