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On October 28, at the Spartak stadium in the Central Park of Culture and Rest of Almaty, an international soccer tournament among veterans and youth for the cup named after folk writer Mukhtar Auezov started. Several teams took part in the competition, including from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The organizer of this competition was the Office of the Akim of Medeu District.

From a young age, Mukhtar Auezov was not only a talented writer; he was also fond of sports and made a significant contribution to his development of football in Kazakhstan. At the age of 16, he, together with his friends, created the first Kazakhstani team “Zharys”.

The son of the writer Murat Mukhtarovich Auezov attended the opening of the first tournament for the Mukhtar Auezov Cup.

The first year students, curators, advisers have witnessed exciting football competitions, both young and older generations. The dean of the faculty K.T. Abaeva, deputy deans M.V. Shabalina, Sh.Zh. Omarova, 1st year adviser K. Askarova, curators Borisova Yu.S., Shynybekov M., Kerimbaev C. as well as the students of the faculty attended the event.

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