Training course in NCPD «Orleu» - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Training course in NCPD «Orleu»

      The teachers of the department of foreign languages S.T. Sirgebayeva, S.Y. Myrzaliyeva, G.A. Boltaeva, G.A. Satylkhanova completed a training course in NCPD “Orleu” from 1 October to 27 October, 2018 on the theme: “Modern pedagogical technologies in high education institutions as a part of the updated content of education”.
During the month 4 modules were listened to:
1. Regulatory module
2. Psycho-pedagogical module
3. Content module
4. Technological module
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Thus, the teachers of our university completed a program of courses that included interactive forms and methods of teaching: lectures, webinars, practical work, trainings, presentations, case study methods, project method, development of video lessons, as well as consultations and independent work of students with a teacher, discussion of complex questions and problems, master classes, defense of individual portfolios and analytical report.
Also, there were lectures on the application and significance of innovative educational technologies, the design of the educational process in terms of the updated content of education, improving the planning, system-based assessment and reflection processes.

Teachers of the department of foreign languages:
S.T. Sirgebayeva, S.Y. Myrzaliyeva