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Autumn ball for veterans

In accordance with the program “Ruhani Zhangyru”: spiritual education of young people, preservation and promotion of the national history and cultural heritage of the Kazakh people on October 11, 2018 in the House of Officers in Almaty, students of KazNAU met with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, members of the labor front and the Council of Generals, Kazakhstan Republic. The meeting was interesting and sincere; the students listened to the veterans with great attention.

Our young generation should know and remember what the veterans have done for us the main thing – they received their freedom. Every day they brought Victory closer, fighting at the front and working in the rear. We are glad that with us in the hall were people of the winning generation. 73 years after the ends of the war, our heroes are alive, and not so much alive, they are still young in spirit and help the younger generation to develop patriotism. Such meetings are worthy of respect. When we listened to the stories of veterans, pictures of those days flashed before our eyes. Emotions were indescribable; the soul was joy and pride. They put so much effort into the victory of our country, in that we were all alive.

This meeting gave us to understand how people were selfless and devoted to their Fatherland, who knew firsthand what war was and helped us to preserve freedom. Such meetings awaken in us various emotions and feelings. One of the main things is pride and joy.

Unfortunately, today there are a few people, who many years ago struggled with the enemy from the last forces, were going right through to Victory. But to those who are with us today we want to express gratitude for giving us life. But no matter how great our thanks are, it could not compare with what the veterans did for us.

Veterans pleased the audience with their dance art, vigor and vitality. A brass band of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Republic, children's choir and dance groups, young performers - vocalists also shone on the stage. This autumn event was held in an atmosphere of cordiality and admiration for veterans who deserved the gratitude and respect of all the people for their military and labor feats for the good of their country. Fading nature in the fall, but the glory of the heroes-liberators does not fade.

106 students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the Forest, Land Resources and Phytosanitary Faculty, the dean of the faculty K. Abayeva, the vice-deans: M. Shabalina, Sh. Omarova, the curators - advisors: A. Zhubanyshova, N. Kaumenova, Z. Dautova, the curators: F. Toktasynova, S. Kerimbaev as well as the organizer of the meeting, professor M.I. Uyukbaeva attended the event.