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Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование
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Independence – My Dignity, Happiness, Pride

      The Department of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Trilingual Education held an event together with second-year students of the faculty "Agrobiology". The event was devoted to the national holiday - Independence Day, on the theme "Independence - My Dignity, Happiness, Pride".
During the performance, students showed that the December events of 1986 were one of the key events in the history of our country.
The courageous performance of Kazakh youth against the communist government had a great influence on the future of the country and led to the fact that on December 16, 1991, Kazakhstan declared its independence. The victims of the events of that time were many young people who became heroes. The students prepared a report on some personalities of the December events: K. Ryskulbekov, E. Spataeyv,  L. Asanova.
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Also, the students demonstrated video materials about those events, recited poems and sang songs about the independence of our state.
We sincerely congratulate the staff and students of the University on the coming Independence Day of the country. We wish peace and harmony in your families, good health, happiness and well-being.

The Department of Foreign Languages
S. Sirgebaeva, 
S. Myrzaliyeva