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The action of the republican scale "Adal Jol" is an honest road

Thousands of young people joined together thanks to the marathon - "Adal Jol" - an honest road. The action of the republican scale is, in its own way, a relay race aimed at fighting corruption. Marathon "Adal Jol" continued in the student hostel Zhas Orda at the Faculty of Agrobiology. On April 24, 2018, with the students of the 1st year, Professor A. Zhapparova organized a class hour.

"The goal of this marathon is to unite the inhabitants of the whole city in actions against corruption, to explain to people that we must fight this evil together, in common, that everyone should start with himself first," A. A. Japparova reported. In the program "Ruhani Zhangyru" and in the "St Steps" the President drew attention to the formation of a modern state apparatus, where it clearly speaks of the modernization of the civil service.
The relay race will be held throughout Kazakhstan in all regions, and the results will be summed up on December 9 on the international day of fighting corruption.
Associate Professor of the Department of Soil science and Agricultural
Chemistry Zhapparova Aygul