90 year-old pedestal - Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

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90 year-old pedestal

21.02.2020 year held the event "90 international try" curator - professors A. Zamarayeva, A. Jalparova, A. Galimbaeva, A. Siukaeva, J. yertav K. Karayev together with students of the PA-105қ of the Department of «Soil science and agricultural chemistry of the faculty of Agrobiology», dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Kazakh national agrarian University.
The purpose of the event: to acquaint students with the history of the Kazakh national agrarian University, which was strengthened and expanded over a 90-year period.

The history of the school dates back to 1929, which goes back to the centenary. The forge of knowledge has trained and produced over the years about a hundred thousand specialists. Scientists, public figures, graduates of the specialty "soil science and Agrochemistry"made their contribution to the development of agriculture.

We remembered the teaching staff who worked for many years in the education of students who passed away: Ponomareva A. T., Tazabekov T. T., Basibekov B. S., Kisikov K.W, Toktogulov E. A., Baitkanov K. A., J. E. Elemesov.

At present, the teaching staff of the Department: Eleshev R. E., Umbetov A. K. Kubenkulov K. K., Kaldybaev S. K, Balgabaev A..M., Jalparova A.A., Malimbaeva A. J. Salykova A., Zhamangaraeva A. N. working with young professionals to combine knowledge and science.

Organizer A. Zhamangraeva, A. Jalparova, A.
Malimbaeva, A. Sibikeeva, K. Karayev.J. Ertayeva.