Annual Planning Workshop of the Programme for 2019 - Kazakh National Agrarian University
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Annual Planning Workshop of the Programme for 2019

14-15 February 2019: Within the regional programme «Professional Education in Central Asia» an annual Planning workshop was held. The event was accomplished with summing of the Programme results in III Phase (November 2017 – February 2019), as well as presentation of the Programme concept for IV Phase.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Education, partner educational institutions, Chambers, business associations and enterprises operating in the field of food technology in all four implementing countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). Active participation of employees of the Kazakh national agrarian University, Department «Technology and food safety», associate Professor Zhamurovа V. S., senior lecturer Muratbekovа К. М. the Main activity of the programme in the new phase will be to ensure systematic approaches to improve education systems of partner countries.

The main focus of the Programme in the new phase will be shifted towards the fostering of systematic approaches in improving of education systems of all partner countries. In particular, the Programme will continue its efforts in developing and implementing study programmes in the field of food technology, however a new direction – development of a Bachelor programme in logistics will be added. Also, the Programme aims to develop occupational standards for selected specialties in all partner countries. Cooperation with the private sector will be conducted on institutionalized level, which means that instead of cooperation with individual enterprises, the Programme will enhance its dialogue with the Chambers of Commerce and business associations as representatives of the business interests.

Performers: teaching staff of the department
«Technology and safety of food products»
Zhamurova V.S., Muratbekova K.M.