Honor Code of the teacher
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование

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Honor Code of the teacher
Teachers’ community of Kazakh National Agrarian University in the development of the Honor Code of the teacher has taken into account:

- responsible for the implementation of the mission to create the conditions for the formation of competitive  specialist in - demand in the agricultural sector and  international scientific and educational space, as well as for the development of socially-oriented, highly cultured and tolerant personality, and the strategic plan of the University development  until 2020;
- the maintenance and development of corporate culture and image of the university as a leader of agricultural education, effectively making transition to research establishment
Section 1
Teacher is obliged to observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazNAU Charter, Internal Regulations, the rules of ethical behavior of the faculty, staff and students of the Kazakh National Agrarian University.
Section 2
Teacher respecting themselves and their profession, taking care of their own honor and reputation of the university and a native of the Department must:
- to honor the tradition of the University;
- to promote the growth of its prestige and promote its scientific, technical and cultural development;
- in good faith to work for the benefit of science, students of education and training, to comply strictly with their duties, constantly enhance their scientific and pedagogical qualifications.
Section 3
Teacher - is an example of high culture, morality, an active promoter of cultural traditions, ideas of statehood and Kazakhstani patriotism. He adheres to the normative-legal acts on Higher Education issues and does not let malfeasance, violations and bribery.
Section 4
Teacher by his or her whole appearance and behavior must approve high moral principles, to be honest, and fair to students and colleagues.
Section 5
The teacher must maintain an atmosphere of friendship and creative collaboration and spiritual growth, and prevent the occurrence of conflict situations in the team and student groups.
Section 6
The teacher must take an active part in career-oriented work, in social and cultural life of the university, the city, the region, to increase the level of culture and education of students.
Section 7
There can’t be incompatible things for teacher that tarnishes him or her, creating an atmosphere of misunderstanding, mistrust, conflict and criminogenic situations causing moral and material damage to the university, society, individuals.
Section 8
Teacher, at entering into an employment contract with the university administration, gets acquainted and personally confirms his or her agreement with the above terms and conditions of Honor Code of KazNAU teacher profession.
Section 9
The teacher taking responsibility for the implementation and adherence to the principles of the Honor Code should go to great length to make Kazakh National Agrarian University a model of high moral and intellectual force and contribute to the strengthening of its image and reputation.
The rules of the Honor Code are the same for all teachers, regardless of the position and duration of the work.
Violation of the Honor Code has become one of the objects of discussion at the meeting of the department, the Faculty Council and, if it is confirmed, it can be the base for termination.