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Kazakhstan-Japan innovation center


The laboratories of Kazakhstan-Japan Innovation Center are equipped with modern facilities, diagnostic kits and supplies from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. The range of high-tech laboratory equipment is followimg:
Transmission electron microscope JEM-1011 (JEOL, Japan)  with CCD- digital camera Morada (OLYMPUS)
Low vacuum scanning electron microscope JSM-6510 LA - equipping with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (JEOL, Japan)

Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7 RT for preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections, as well as perfect, smooth surfaces of biological and industrial samples for TEM and SEM analysis (LEICA, Germany)
High performance liquid chromatograph LC20AD (Shimadzu, Japan)
Gas chromatograph GC-2010 Plus (Shimadzu, Japan)
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA-7000F (Shimadzu, Japan)


Real-Time PCR StepOnePlus for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gene expression and microRNA, typing of the SNPs, revealing translocations, viral load, and others. (Applied Biosystems, USA) 
Digital PCR System Quantstudio 12 K flex with robot Accufill and fuser Open Array (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA)
NGS-sequencer Ion S5 - system for the targeted sequencing of the new generation based on semiconductor technology (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA)
Microbial identification system Sherlock with MIDI software based on gas chromatograph Agilent 6850 (Agilent, USA)
easySpiralPRO for automatic seeding of samples and bacteria suspensions on Petri dishes (Interscience, France)
FTIR spectrometer Nicolet iS10 (Thermo Fisher Scientific, USA)

Gas chromatograph Trace 1310 with mass spectrometer TSQ 8000 (Thermofisher)


Liquid chromatograph Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 with TSQ Quantum Access Max mass spectrometer


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