Faculties: Bioresources and Technology
Университет перешёл на дистанционное образование

Bioresources and Technology

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Mission of the faculty:
  • training of professional specialists who are freely oriented in the world high-tech research and production space.
Strategic development goals for 2014 - 2020:
  1. Increasing the competitiveness of the faculty in the market of educational services through increasing the competitiveness of graduates of the faculty in the labor market of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Creation of a favorable image of the faculty among the main subjects of influence: heads of rural, regional, regional state and executive management bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads of the enterprise, potential employers, parents and entrants-direct consumers of educational services.
  3. Creation of conditions for students to receive quality knowledge and personal satisfaction in professional, intellectual, cultural and moral development.
  4. Improving the system of staffing and material and technical base of the educational process for the formation of intellectual potential as an innovative resource for sustainable development of the agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan.
  5. Development of international cooperation of the faculty, integration into the world educational and scientific information environment and improvement of the system of involving bachelors, undergraduates, doctoral PhD and young scientists in the work of international scientific projects and applied research.
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