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Water, land and forest resources

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The strategic plan of the faculty of Forest, land and phytosanitary" KazNAU defines the vision, mission and plans for the near future. The document was drafted in accordance with the plans of the departments of the faculty of Forest resources and hunting", "Plant protection and quarantine", "Land resources and cadastre". In recent years there has been increased among applicants by state educational grants, increased the number of students in master's and PhD, superior quality indicators PPP, strengthening material-technical base, expanded information resources. The scientific activity of the faculty in the area of forest, water and land resources are concentrated on such global issues as....?
The importance of agricultural development of the country was highlighted by the President of RK N. A. Nazarbayev in his annual address to the people of Kazakhstan "Socio-economic modernization - the main vector of development of Kazakhstan".

It argues that the development should proceed in three main areas:
- increase productivity by 2015 at least 2 times; to ensure food security of the country with a share of domestic food products domestic food market more than 80%;
- realization of export potential. The President stressed that Kazakhstan needs to implement a set of tasks in ten areas, including:
- Kazakhstan's employment, through the creation of an effective system of training and employment assistance;
- qualitative growth of human capital, especially education and health;
- development of industrial-innovative projects, as the main targets of economic modernization;
- the development of agriculture on the basis of state retail trade without intermediaries, creating a single grain holding public insurance system and insurance.

In the strategic plan of the faculty can distinguish the following main points to focus on: strengthening the market position applied research; entry into consortia and alliances with leading universities, research institutes and centres; the desire for a stronger positioning in all regions of Kazakhstan.
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