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Academic calendar
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1. 6D050600 Economics IAAR
2. 6D060800 Ecology IAAR
3. 6D073200 Standardization  and certification (by branches) IAAR
4. 6D080100 Agronomy IAAR
5. 6D080200 Technology of  livestock  production IAAR
6. 6D080500 Water resources and water using IAAR
7. 6D080600 Agrarian techniques and technology IAAR
8. 6D080700 Forest resources and forestry IAAR
9. 6D080800 Soil science and agricultural chemistry IAAR
10 6D080900 Horticulture IAAR
11. 6D081100 Plant Protection and Quarantine IAAR
12. 6D081200 Agriculture Energy supply IAAR
13. 6D090300 Land Management IAAR
14. 6D090700 Cadastre IAAR
15. 6D120100 Veterinary Medicine АРТА
16. 6D120200 Veterinary Sanitary IAAR
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