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The amount for the year 2017 № Contracts  Managers
1  "Conduct analysis and assessment of the risk of accidents of large hydraulic structures" 29.150 million tenge 9,150 million tenge №154 from March 3 2017  Bazarbaev A.T
2    "Water and Land Resources Management in Rice Irrigation Systems of Kazakhstan" 52,908million tenge 15,128 million tenge Contracts №59 from 22 march 2015  and Supplementary Agreement №2 from 13 march 2017  Espolov T.I
3 Development of a new type of pneumovacuum (air-lift) pumping unit for lifting water from underground water sources using resource-saving technology and increasing the quality of the water to be lifted 19,210 million tenge 6,793780 million tenge № 468 from 23 december 2011  Yakovlev A.A
4  019 regional project "Introduction of innovative water-saving technologies on irrigated lands in Zhambyl region"   3,750million tenge 3,750 mln.tg Agreement on the provision of services for the dissemination and implementation of innovative experience in the agro-industrial complex of Zhambyl region dated April 14, 2017 Zhaparkulova Y.D.
5 "Development of a system of water, chemical, biological, physical reclamation to improve the productivity of water and land resources in irrigated lands of Kazakhstan"   5,0 million tenge №75 from 27 february 2017   Zhaparkulova Y.D.
      39,821780 million tenge    
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