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The department  "Accounting, audit and finance"  was created on the basis of the division of the department "Economics and finance" since september 2017.
The history of the department begins from the moment of its creation in 1932 under the name “Economics and organization of agricultural enterprises” at the Kazakh Agricultural Institute. In the ranks of the first pleiad of professors and teachers of the department were prominent representatives of agrarian economics science, major scientists and pedogogs: c.a.s., professor., academician of agricultural sciences, honored worker of higher school of the Kazakh SSR E.B Taybekov; c.a.s., prof. H.D. Churin; c.a.s., prof., honors student of the Higher school of the USSR, academician of the NAS RK Kh.A. Arystanbekov; professor, a large and well-known specialist and scientist of world renown, V.I. Chayanov, professor S.I. Azev.
The first head of the department "Accounting, audit and analysis" was associate professor V.I. Pyankov. He headed the department from 1965 to 1974. Since 1974. to 1983 The department was headed by associate professor G.R. Madiev. In connection with the disintegration and the creation of another department on its base in 1983, associate professor M.S. Yerzhanov became the new head. Subsequently, the department was headed by associate professor T.A. Asylbekov (1985–1993), associate professor B.A. Alibekova (since 1993), associate professor A.O. Makhambetova (1994-1997) and associate professor R.U. Smagulova (1997-2001), N.A. Makhambetov (2008-2010), O.A. Abraliev (2013 -2017). Associate professors Sh.F. Ashiryaev, G.R. Madiev, T.A. Asylbekov, K.G. Smatova, N.A. Bayboltaeva, A.O. Makhambetova, N.N. Kaderova, and M.D.Tinasilov, A.K. Erzhanov, and many others  made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the department.
The head of the department "Accounting, audit and finance" is the c.e.s., associate professor Asanov BM.
The department has highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel, which are widely known in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, also has a developed classroom and material base for organizing and conducting the educational process and research work. In the ranks of the faculty of the department are currently working well-known scientists in the Republic of Kazakhstan: d.e.s., professor M.S. Yerzhanov, d.e.s., professor Zh.M. Elubaeva.
The winners of the grant "The best teacher of the university" in the category MES RK are:
Makhambetov Nursagat Abzhanovich – d.e.s., professor - 2010;
Abraliev Onalbek Altybayuly – d.e.s., professor - 2011.
Today the department carries out the following tasks: training in the close integration of education, science and practice, satisfying the needs of a market economy; providing high knowledge of the needs of students; organization of research and implementation of their results in production; education of the student as a person and as a specialist.
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