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published articles with impact factors
  Name Type of work date-line Volume
in pl / p
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Bayboltaeva N.A. Issues of accounting policy formation of agricultural organizations in Republic of Kazakhstan Article
Impact Factor
Journal «Life Science Journal» (LSJ) -  Scopus
№10 2014
0,5/ 0,1 Makulova A.
Tulegenova R.
Aitanaeva A.
And others
2 Bayboltaeva N.A. Problems  of Development of Accounting on Peasant (Farm)  Enterprise in Republic of  Kazakhstan – Article
Impact Factor
Journal «Asian social science»   -  Scopus
Canada.  2015. №14, 2015
  Makulova A.
 Abaeva K.
Bolysbayeva  A.
3 Bayboltaeva N.A. Problems and prospects for the formation of a dual-education model in the Republic of
Impact Factor
Journal «Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciencias»   - Scopus Brazil.  2017.
0,5/ 0,1 Alikbekova
4 Beysenbaeva A.K. Statistical analysis of employment and unemployment rates in Kazakhstan Article Aspekt Publishingof Budget P Taunton, MA, United States 2015 0,4  
5 Assanov B.
Improving the competitiveness of agricultur hroducts is the basis for food security in Kazakhstan Article Asian Social Science. – 2015. – V.11 – Iss.19. -  P.143-150. 0,5 Kerimova U.
Rakhimzhanova G.
Yegizbaeva G.
6 Assanov B. Regularities and development trends of agricultural cooperation in central Asia Article International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues. - 2015. - V.5. - Iss.3S. - P.18-24. 0,5 Rakhimzhanova G.
Yegizbaeva G.
7 Abitova A. Improvement of the methodology for grain quality assessment Article Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th October 2016 -- Vol. 92. No. 1 -- 2016
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