Energy saving and automation, Faculties: IT - technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex

IT - technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex

Кафедра: Energy saving and automation

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Training of competitive specialists in demand in the agro-industrial complex and the global scientific and educational space able to effectively use their knowledge to ensure the stable innovative development of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as able to develop their knowledge, responsible spiritually and morally before the future development of the state.

The Department is innovation-oriented, carrying out the scientific and educational process at the level of international standards in accordance with the new national model of education and ensuring the competitiveness of graduates in the global labor market;

- developing agrarian innovative education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the training of engineers, ensuring the integration of education, science and production on the basis of innovative technologies, mobility of students and teaching staff;
- creating new knowledge in the field of energy supply and energy-saving technologies for the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan.
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