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IT - technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex

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"Energy saving and automation"
In 1950, the faculty of “Electrification of Agriculture” was opened at the Kazakh Agricultural Institute, which was the first electrical engineering faculty in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
At present, the department of "Energy Saving and Automation" is part of the "Faculty of IT - technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex". The department employs 27 teachers and 11 people of educational support staff, including 4 doctors and 8 candidates of sciences, as well as 3 doctors of PhD.
The faculty conducts training in three undergraduate majors, two magistracy specialties and one PhD specialty. Scientists from Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other countries are involved in their training. The department is the leading educational and methodological center in the field of training specialists in rural energy. Thanks to the efforts of the department, the specialty of the bachelor degree program “Power supply of agriculture” was created. For the past few years, teachers have written dozens of textbooks and teaching aids in the Kazakh and Russian languages.
The department has 30 specialized educational laboratories in all disciplines provided by the curriculum, the office for the design of electrification systems, computer classes, and a training ground. The stands allow to conduct classes in electrical engineering and the basics of electronics, electrical and magnetic circuits, electrical machines and drives, power supply, alternative energy, electrical safety, energy saving, automation and other disciplines. Laboratory works are provided with teaching aids and workshops that help students in the preparation and execution of work. In the educational process various innovative learning technologies are widely used: multimedia courses, virtual laboratory works, electronic textbooks, video films, computer testing, business games, modular learning, teacher-student dialogue forms, etc. The department draws great attention to the integration of education, science and industry. In research institutes and manufacturing enterprises branches of department are organized, where students take practical classes and professional practice. The best representatives of science and industry, for example, Professor G.G. Trofimov, R.A. Omarov, a leading employee of the energy service of Almaty, M.E. Kubegenov and others are involved to conduct classes and lectures. Close ties are maintained with many state-owned companies and manufacturing enterprises, such as “KEGOC”, the “Gosstandart”  government standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “NACEKS” “National Center Examination and Certification” JSC , electrical supply network enterprises, “Bent” JSC, Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology, large-scale farms and factories.
The department occupies a worthy place in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the staff of the department is one of the leaders in the field of electric power industry, which looks to the future with confidence.
The name of the department: "Energy saving and automation"
Department phone numbers: +7 727 264-53-78, +7 727 264-53-82
Head of Department: Doctor of PhD Zhandos Shynybai
E-mail of the head of the department:
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