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IT - technology, automation and mechanization of agro-industrial complex

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Name of work Type of work Publisher's imprint Volume of work. Authors
1 An indirect approach for egg weight sorting using image processing Article with IF Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization. Springer US.  March 2018 7 Stanislav M. Penchev, Tsvetelina D. Georgieva, Alikhanov J., Moldazhanov A.,
Plamen I. Daskalov.
2 Experimental installation for investigation of the eggs automatic sorting into categories in stream Article with IF International scientific journal
Mechanization in agriculture, Year LXII. Issue 3/2016, Sofia, Bulgaria С. 22 - 24
3 Alikhanov J, Kulmakhambetova A.,
Moldazhanov A.,
Daskalov P
Shynybay Zh.
3 Методика и результаты экспериментальных исследований размерно – массовых характеристик яиц Article with IF Инновация в сельском хозяйстве . Теоретический научно – практический журнал 1(16)/2016. С. 266 -270 5 Алиханов Д.М,
Молдажанов А.,
Кулмахамбетова А.Т.
4 Indirect method for egg weight measurement using image processing Article with IF International journal of emerging technology and advanced engineering. Certified journal, volume 5, Issue 11, November 2015). С.30-34

Alikhanov D.,
Daskalov P.,
Moldazhanov A.,
Shynybay Zh.,
Penchev S.,
Georgieva T.
5 Express method and device for definition of potato tubers parameters Article with IF Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 19 (No 4) 2013, 866-874. 13 Dz. Alikhanov,
Moldazhanov A.,
P. Daskalov,
R. Tsonev.,
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