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Development of Express method and device for determining the quality indicators of hatching eggs using IT-technologies The objects of study are hatching eggs, Express method and device for determining the quality of eggs.
The aim of the work is to Develop an Express method and device for determining the quality of eggs, by obtaining and processing images of eggs on a PC, providing productivity improvement by three times.
As a result of research expediency of sorting of eggs laid on incubation by the sizes and the form with use of the Express method and the device on the basis of IT - technologies is proved. The informative signs and a threshold value for the characteristics for selection of hatching eggs. Experimental studies have shown the effectiveness of the developed device. The device provides an increase in productivity in the selection of eggs by 2.6 times. Production tests of the developed Express method and device by laying selected eggs at incubation with a triple repetition in the amount of 1620 pieces confirmed the effectiveness of the implemented scientific and engineering solutions by increasing the hatchability of the experimental batch of eggs by 2.6 percent compared to the control.
Alikhanov Dzh. M.
Development of a rapid method and determination of morphological characteristics of potato tubers with the use of opto-electronic means of data processing The objects of research are potato tubers.
The aim of the work is to Develop an intelligent system for the determination and analysis of quantitative indicators of seed potato tubers and their assessment for compliance with varietal characteristics, which provides an increase in the productivity of the analysis by 2-3 times.
The project is aimed at substantiation and selection of objective quantitative characteristics of potato tubers, characterizing quality indicators and suitable for machine processing and analysis.  The applied visual method of selection of varietal potato tubers has low productivity and depends on the qualification of the expert. Accumulated experience in the development of automatic control and sorting of different crops on quality ( Borodin I. F., N. Kirilin.And. Starovoytov V. I., Zaitsev A. M., Alikhanov D. M., etc.) of the Developed device designed for determining one or more parameters of potato tubers, tomatoes, apples and other crops and has not found wide application in the production. 
Alikhanov D. M.
Development of a modular energy-saving ventilation system for agricultural premises  
The object of the study is the proposed modular energy – saving ventilation system for agricultural premises.
The aim of the work is the production of experimental modular energy – saving system and the preparation of experimental research methods.
Scientific novelty-the work is aimed at solving the problem of energy saving in ventilation systems of agricultural premises, through the effective use of low-grade heat of the soil. The use of ground heat for heating and cooling of livestock premises through underground ducts and heat exchangers, which save from 50 to 75% of the cost of heating and cooling of premises. The study and justification of methods of calculation and design of such systems and the optimization of the system components to effectively use the heat of the soil. Therefore, energy saving in ventilation systems and efficient use of soil heat in them in modern conditions is promising and relevant. The proposed development compared to the existing one is energy-saving, which provides an increase in the efficiency of the system by 30-40 %.
Research methods - In the process installed a pilot modular ventilation system in the room for agnesia lambs. The study - compiled and made breadboard module energy-saving ventilation system, developed sketches, working documentation for the experimental sample of the system mounted pilot modular energy saving system and structured methods of experimental research annual report.
Degree of implementation - an innovative patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the invention.
Field of application-ventilation and heating of agricultural premises.
M.Zh. Issakhanov
Development of energy-saving heating system of houses and buildings based on the use of heat pumps "air-water" with remote control  
Object of research - in work are the heat pump system of the Autonomous heat supply based on use of renewable energy sources (RES) for heating of the external air arriving in a contour of the evaporator of the heat pump. The subject of the research is the regularities and interdependence of thermodynamic, heat and mass transfer and regime processes, from which the optimal or close to the optimal value of the parameters of the efficiency of the studied systems is determined.
        The purpose of this stage of work– establishment of the rational combination of the heat pump "air-water" and low-potential power sources providing increase of level of reliability of the heat pump system of Autonomous heat supply.
In the process of work the concept of complex use of RES in a heat pump system of Autonomous heat supply (TST) is proved; the experimental module of calorific point is created; the program and the technique of researches of TST is developed; characteristics of meteorological conditions during a heating season and characteristics of conditions of TST are established by heating of external air; tests of air solar collectors of various design, a ground heat exchanger, a heat accumulator are carried out.
Sh. Sydykov
Development of scientific and methodical basis of accident risk assessment in power supply systems and logistics of their reservation in emergency situations of natural and man-made nature In case of emergency situations (ES) of natural and man-made nature, as a rule, centralized power supply is permanently disabled, as the normal operation of the electric power system is disrupted, electrical networks and elements of power supply systems of buildings and structures are damaged.
Therefore, for the organization and conduct of search and rescue and other emergency operations an important role for the rapid provision of electricity of the object, especially at night, as it was proved by experts that while tightening the rescue, out of every 1,000 people under the rubble, in an hour killed 50 people.
Hence the importance of prompt provision of search and rescue (General and local lighting, communication and notification) and other urgent works (power tools, electric cutting and welding, etc.) at the initial stage of emergency.
The aim of the Project is to develop a scientific and methodological basis for assessing the risk of accidents in the systems of power supply and logistics operational electricity search and rescue and other urgent works in case of natural and man-made emergencies.
As a result of the conducted researches developed:
- scientific and methodical bases of an assessment of risk of accidents in systems of power supply of buildings and constructions at various degrees of earthquakes;
- concepts and theoretical bases of logistics of power supply of search and rescue and other urgent works at emergency situations;
- functional areas of power supply logistics in emergency situations, taking into account the involvement of logistics intermediaries and the population;
- logistic integrated systems of network and mobile backup power supply of search and rescue and other urgent works at the initial stage of strong earthquakes;
- recommendations on providing electricity to search and rescue and other urgent works in case of strong earthquakes in the city.
Umbetkulov Y.K.
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