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Description of specialties Страница кафедры
Fishery and commercial fisheries
5B080400 - "Fishery and commercial fisheries"
Qualifications: Bachelor of Agriculture in the specialty 5B080400 - "Fishery and commercial fisheries"
Examinations: entrance examination in the specialty (test).
Duration of training: 4 years
Profile discipline:
• Zoology
• Ichthyology
• Hydrobiology
• Aquaculture
• Basics of industrial fishing
Subject: Biology
Advantages of education:
• Passage of practitioners from the first year in professional disciplines;
• Application of a unique demonstration material of aquatic animals of the world fauna on laboratory and practical exercises;
• Participation of students in scientific projects of scientific research institutes and fish farms.
International Relations:
1. Szent István University (Hungary),
2. All-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography (Russia)
Place of practice and employment:
- Chilik pond farm,
- Kapchagai spawning farm,
- Fish Industry Institute.
Application of knowledge: The sphere of professional activity of  specialist  of Fisheries is the study of aquatic and fisheries management in the natural and artificial ponds and biotechnics and reproduction of valuable fish species and prey. 
Brief description of skills:
Areas of professional activity include the production activities in the fishing plants, hatcheries, spawning and nursery farms of all forms of ownership, organization of fish works in natural water bodies, expert evaluation of reservoirs for the purpose of fishery use, implementation of acclimatization of fish and invertebrates, a set of works for the protection and control of rational use of living aquatic resources.
Brief content of the program: The program provides the conditions for a full, high-quality vocational education, creates the preconditions for self-exploration and research activities of students as part of an experiment in all periods of study, allows the students to get deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the study of issues of commercial fish farming, industrial fisheries, the artificial cultivation of fish, fish feeding and nutrition, construction and operation of hydraulic works, pond culture.
Place  of the program in the national ranking of the naaru in 2015. - 2nd place.
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