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The history of the department dates back to October 1968, when it began to operate as a "poultry and pig" department of Almaty veterinary Institute. The organization of this Department was associated with the intensive development of poultry in Kazakhstan, as well as the need to provide this industry with highly qualified personnel. In those years in the composition of the pedagogical staff at the department worked docents Balanina O. V., Asanov, P. M., Abdrakhmanova R. A., Levina, L. I., of Grafeeva L. A., Semenov A. G., Kusidi K. F.
The department carried out training of students of Zooengineering faculty specializing in poultry farming at a high quality level. The performance of students in the specialized group was traditionally high. Many times the students-farmers became the owners of the prize named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Alibek Kosayev. Within 20 years from the date of formation of the department for poultry factories and soviet poultry farms of the country were trained and sent to work more than 360 specialists with higher education. The department has already carried out a close integration of education, science and industry. Proof of this integration was the opening of the 3 basic branches of the Department: Almaty Association of egg and meat production and Kaskelen poultry farm for the production of breeding birds. These farms had a strong material and technical base, intensive production technologies and modern scientific laboratories. These industrial associations led by experienced professionals with academic titles. This created conditions for students not only for excursions, practical training, zootechnical and technological practices, but also made it possible to actively engage in research work.
The graduates of the poultry Department Bezborodov V., Kalmaganbetov S., Cherkashenko M. Zhumabayev K. Lobachev, B., Smagulov S., Kovinko V., Elchibaev A., Alpeisov sh., Mustafin E. defended their candidate dissertation on various issues of the industry. Among the research works carried out by the staff of the department, the most important are the developments of technological schemes for the production of eggs and poultry meat on an industrial basis, full-fledged biological feeding aimed at preserving the genetic potential of poultry, etc.
In 1986-1996, the department was headed by a member of the world scientific Association of poultry farming, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor Tanatarov A.B.
In 1996, The Kazakh state agrarian University was established by combining the Almaty veterinary Institute and the Kazakh agricultural Institute. The department of "Poultry and Pig breeding" united with the department of "Sheep breeding" and became known as the department of "Small farming’s".
In 2001, for the University was given the status of the Kazakh national agrarian University, in connection with which all the departments of the livestock sector were merged into the department of "Technology of farming products".
In the 2017-2018 school year, for the subjects of beekeeping, poultry farming and fisheries was established a separate department which was headed by candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor V. M. Lukbanov.
Currently, the Department of "Beekeeping, poultry and fisheries" is headed by a member of the world scientific Association of poultry, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor Alpeysov S.A.
Since 2010, the University has been successfully transformed into a national research University, the department faces great challenges in implementing its strategic objectives.
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