«Apiculture, poultry farming and fisheries», Faculties: Bioresources and Technology

Bioresources and Technology

Кафедра: «Apiculture, poultry farming and fisheries»

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Alpeysov Shohan
doctor of agricultural sciences, professor

 е-mail:  sh.alpeisov@mail.ru
tel: 87011118406
Iskakova Gulsim

master of agricultural sciences, assistant
Deputy Head of the Department for
educational and methodical work

е-mail:  gulsimiskakova@mail.ru
тел.: 87052192118
Mustafin Erhat
candidate of agricultural sciences,
senior lecturer
Deputy Head of the Department for

Science and Commercialization
е-mail:  merhat74@mail.ru
tel.:  87773656588
Nuralieva Ulzhan

candidate of agricultural sciences,
associate professor
Deputy Head of International

е-mail:  nua.ulgan@mail.ru
tel.:  87789204862
Toksabaeva Balzhan

master of agricultural sciences, assistant 
Deputy head of the department for
educational work

е-mail:  balzhik-90@mail.ru
tel.: 87776881848
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