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Academic mobility - knowledge without borders at the Department of "Beekeeping, poultry and fisheries"!
Academic mobility is an opportunity to spend one or two semesters in another country as a student of a foreign University, to get acquainted with the foreign educational system, to improve the language, as well as to expand professional knowledge and practical skills.
From 1 February to 1 July 2018, under the program of academic mobility get an education of the Warmia-Mazury University in Poland, a master's student 6М080400 - "fishery and industrial fishing" Zhaparova maral.

Alma Mater gave me a great opportunity to get education abroad in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, during the whole semester, as well as the opportunity to live in another country and get cultural experience, improve a foreign language - with sincere gratitude says Мaral.
Our students celebrated Nauryz with teachers of Warmia-Mazur University, introduced them to our culture and traditions. Small gifts and Souvenirs, such as dombra, yurts and skullcaps, Nauryz kozhe and Kurt were also handed to each teacher. Foreign teachers were very pleased to the acquaintance with the culture of the Kazakh people.
The Department of "Beekeeping, poultry and fisheries" expresses its gratitude to the Rector of the Kazakh national agrarian University Espolov Tlektes Isabaevich and the whole team of international credit mobility for the opportunity to gain knowledge without “borders”!
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